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Group Benefits and SR&ED Experts 

We provide a strategic approach to reducing costs for Group Benefits and Executive Health Plans.

We have been preparing SR&ED for 20 years understanding technology and maximize the potential of your business with ALL government funding programs.


Low cost Group Benefits with exclusive service offerings...

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Strategic Decisions Institute (SDI) understands costs and explains every aspect of the insurance industry margins and tax compliancy. 


Partnering with medical service plans to provide your employees direct access to a physician. Your employees won't wait for two weeks to see a medical professional and can return to work ASAP.


Establishing Health and Wellness Spending Accounts (HSA) and explaining how to leverage for proper tax planning particularly for Executive Health Plans.


Whether it is our SR&ED tax credit work or establishing the appropriate Group Benefit/Executive Health Plan, our compensation is contingent on success, which means we are paid  on a commission only. 

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Grant Applications

Did you know there's millions of dollars in tax credits and grants your company may benefit from? Leverage our expertise to save time and money.


Insurance Brokering Services

We cover employee benefits with a specialty in understanding tax implications on you & your employees.

Heath and Wellness Spending Plans & Access to Medical Programs such as our relationships enhancing employees ability to access better health care faster.

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Tax Credits

Over 20 years of SR&ED preparation work and hundreds of clients with less than 4% audit rate and 100% success rate. We know our SR&ED and SDI is a respected stakeholder offering constant feedback to the CRA with long-term established relations.

Founder & CEO

Jeff holds a Master’s Degree in Administration, a Baccalaureate in Social Sciences, Diploma in Business Administration and a BC Insurance License.

After working 10 years combined in three different Universities as a leading edge community and business development leader, Jeff's experience as an entrepreneur culminated in 2003 with the initial structuring of the Thrifty Foods buy-out and succession plan. It was the groundwork to one of the most successful business transactions on Vancouver Island. Subsequently, he and his business partner led to rapidly grow and sell a manufacturing plant with a chain of five retail outlets, a packaging distribution company, seafood trading company, and a produce import business. This provided a wealth of business acumen along with the knowledge of Government technology tax credits, grant, banking, and investment programs. Ensuing, he has been involved with the restructuring of several businesses, personal estates and has assisted other prominent business leaders including bringing companies out of the verge of bankruptcy to profitability and eminent sale. 

The SDI founders invest in now over 30 start-ups and great business opportunities and have  vast experience working with hundreds of CEO's and entrepreneurs learning best practices. Jeff started his own software company that managed to secure 7 different government programs before exiting. 

He has acquired a successful real estate portfolio with a keen eye on self-managing great real estate acquisitions. 

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We're Good With Numbers


Years Experience Helping Businesses

$25 million+

Secured From Government Support Programs


Group Benefit Plans and Executive Health Programs Implemented

Our Approach

SDI's team of entrepreneurs has experience running businesses or are experienced in running a business, and appreciate the challenges you face. We understand the importance of your time and we aim to work efficiently allowing you to continue to focus on your business.

Since 1998 we have been contributing to businesses across Canada and Europe in a myriad of ways.

Our core ideology is to share our knowledge of business strategies, funding sources and system implementations, and you are part of the entire process.


Client Testimonials

Jack Murray, Manager

UNIT4 Business Software

Thanks Jeff, I really appreciate it. I really hope that we get to work together again in the future. I’ll be honest that the SR&ED task is complicated, but the interaction with you and your team made it a pleasure.

George Lam, CFO

Action Electric LTD

You are the best! We all appreciate what you have done for us.

Heather Nichol, President

Nichol Fine Foods

A million thanks to you & the A Team for making such a success of our research project! So enjoyable to learn, thank you for making the whole process ...FUN!

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Join our list of happy clients. Let's have a quick conversation about how SDI can help your business succeed.

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